Manufacturing companies make faster, smarter decisions with an Infor M3 ERP solution from ICCG. M3 empowers discrete and process manufacturers with the flexibility to adapt to changing business needs in operations, technology and scale, and the agility to make quick adjustments at any time.

Food & Beverage

To stay ahead of the competition, food & beverage makers must respond rapidly to changes in customer demands. With an Infor M3 ERP solution from ICCG, these companies can more effectively manage their global supply chain, thereby improving efficiency, minimizing shelf-life issues and reducing waste.


Fashion manufacturing companies need to seamlessly manage their entire process — from design to distribution to customer service. With an Infor M3 ERP solution from ICCG, they can develop consumer products more quickly and move them to market faster, giving them a competitive edge.



Distribution companies operate on razor-thin margins, so they continually look for new ways to improve processes and performance. With an Infor M3 ERP solution from ICCG, distributors can optimize every facet of their operations, including inventory and warehouse management, financials, purchasing and after-market service.


Every day, the companies that sell, rent or service equipment for construction, mining, agriculture, industry or transportation are handling some of the world's heaviest and most complex equipment. An Infor M3 ERP solution from ICCG gives them the tools they need for continuous control and visibility into every piece of equipment.